Hands on Treatment

This includes gentle, non-forceful treatment options, traditional adjustments, disc decompression, and state of the art tables.

Therapy Modalities

This includes basic modalities, such as, massage. It also includes ultrasound, electronic stimulation, traction, and of course spinal massage tables.

Helping Yourself

At Robinson Chiropractic we believe that everybody should learn the proper practices that enable you to help yourself. The sooner you don't need a Chiropractor the better!

Meet Dr. Robinson

Dr. Gary Robinson

Meet Dr. Robinson

Dr. Robinson's philosophy is that everyone should get the individual care they need to live a full and active life, doing all the things they enjoy. When Dr. Gary was a teenager he got in a car accident that left him in a lot of pain and discomfort. He was sporty and loved beeing active so when he finnaly got relief through the hands of Chiropractor he felt like he got his life back again. Not long after, he decided that he too wanted to help people get their lives back through Chiropractic. For 30 years he has been treating patients and seeing a variety of issues, from simple to complex. Dr. Gary loves what he does because he gets to see results from his work every day.

In his spare time he enjoys cycling, cooking, traveling, and cross country skiing.

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